Introducing Kontest 2.0: codename “Reboot”

Two years ago, the very first version of Kontest was created. At this time, we had lots of discussions with marketing agencies and we started to figure out that they had a couple of unsolved issues on how to entertain a brand’s community while making their presence efficient on social networks. Our attention has definitely been on promotions especially contests and competitions, combining a fun way to engage with customers and an excellent method to qualify new contacts in order to turn them into leads.

However, it was really hard at that time to create and manage a full promotion because of technical constraints, the management of the prizes and the legal aspects discouraging most people. That is why we gave ourselves a mission: ease the creation, the spreading and the measure of the digital marketing campaigns ROI. “Rocket your social marketing”.

Today, this mission is more relevant than ever! It is the philosophy that drives us, our manifesto. Making your life simple is strongly rooted in everything we do, this is why we are now a team of 15 people who want your every single campaigns to be successful.

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After six months of intense and passionate work, we are excited to reveal the most advanced version of Kontest, codenamed “Reboot”. This is the version we consider to be the closest to what we had in mind two years ago. To get the expected result, our team has gloriously defied the heat of August, debates and “trolls” but many giggles, worked under the pressure of the deadline (because there must be one) and unraveled many feedback after beta-testing.

Finally came the incomparable pleasure of the production with the desire to make your life even easier. The entire team joins me to wish you welcome to Kontest 2.0!

Team Kontest
Dites Cheeeeese !!!

We developed new tools that support your marketing agility and help you optimize your presence on various channels and improve the performance of your promotional campaigns in real time. They are at hand, you should try.

We also deeply redesigned the interface, it is now more responsive, more pleasant to use, more convenient.

Finally, we wanted to make our product available to everyone, this is why we introduce a new pricing. Now, the cost of each campaign is adjustable depending on the duration and the desired functionalities. This pricing allows you to vary your strategy by launching campaigns more regularly to boost your community’s interest.

We now have the sensation of higher speed, with the firm belief that we are capable of much more, we have only done 1% of the way. Many challenges still lie ahead and here are the highlights for the coming months: rethinking fundamentally how businesses interact and create engagement with users, pushing the limits of automation in the creation of marketing campaigns thanks to new tools based on advanced technologies. All of this to allow you, our customers, to achieve the craziest marketing projects without typing a single line of code.

Let’s walk this way together, this is only the beginning.

Sylvain WEBER,
Co-founder and CEO