Creation in a few steps

How long does it take to create a contest?

If you have already all elements of your contest ready (text, background picture, rules), it takes only a few minutes to create your application: follow the steps, complete the text fields, add a background and that’s it.

To start your contest creation efficiently, you can also download our Start Pack which includes:

  • Features Guide
  • Graphic Guide
  • A PSD template to create your background in a few minutes

What is the process to create a new contest?

After you have logged in to the platform, click on “My campaign“. Now you can see the button “New” in the list of your existing promotions. A pop-up appears:

    Step 1: Select a contest type

    Choose the contest type which matches your promotion goals

    Step 2: Select channels on which you want to launch the campaign

    You can choose between classic promotion or Facebook linked promotion

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  • -For a contest on Facebook (web and mobile still available with this choice), you’ve to choose the “Promotion on Facebook tab
  • -For a contest on Web and/or mobile only, you can choose the “Classic promotion tab

  • If you chose to launch the promotion on Facebook, your Facebook Fan Pages will be displayed at this step.

    – If they do not appear, make sure that you are the admin of the Facebook Fan Page on which you want to install the contest. Also verify that you are connected to Facebook as a person and not as a Fan Page during this step. If everything is okay, you just have to click on the “Synchro with Facebook” button and a pop-up window from Facebook appears. Please agree to give Kontest the right to display your Facebook Fan Pages.

    – If the “Synchro with Facebook” button does still not appear, you may have forgotten to give Kontest the right to display your Fan Pages. In this case, choose the classic promotion type and contact us, we will be able to synchronize your contest with your Fan Page later.

    Step 3: Select an offer

    You can test all pricing plans and create as many contests as you want.