Periodic Mode

If you have several prizes you want to offer during the contest, you can divide the promotion into different periods with a specific gift or question for each one.

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The periodic mode is available with the Enterprise Plan

To set the periodic mode of your contest, go to the “Description” step of your contest edition. Click on the “Periodic” box. You can then activate this mode.

You are proposed to choose a frequency for your period: 1 contest per week, 2 per month, ect. You can see a calendar that summarizes your contest periods.

Periodic mode
The periods are automatically defined by the platform, so they are equal in time. It is not possible to change the periods manually.

If you set up a Quiz, a Music Quiz or a Poll & Survey, you can choose to display each period different questions. The questions will change automatically.

Periodic questions

You can also choose to draw winners at the end of the contest or after each period. In the second case, you can set up different gifts for each period.

URL Customization

You can customize the contest URL in the “Description” step. The contest URL looks like this: “”. If you don’t want to use the URL provided by Kontest, you can replace it with an automatic redirection. 



1. First of all, you have to build your domain name. Therefore you have to use the URL name of your contest URL mycontest.xg1.l1.

2. In the redirection menu of your DNS provider, you have to add a field for MyContest(.com,…) which will point on the following IP :


The geolocation feature allows you to block or accept countries in which you want to launch your contest. In this way, you can make sure to respect law of each country where entrants may participate.

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This feature is available with the Enterprise Plan. With BASIC, PRO and BUSINESS Plans, your contest is automatically open for all countries.

On Facebook, users are detected by their IP address and not by the country selected in their profile. On the web, users are detected by their IP address.

To edit the countries in which you want to launch your contest, click on the Geolocation box. Then, select the authorized countries and click on the “to the left” arrow.