What information do we need?

For each gift, you can enter a title, a description, the value including VAT and finally the quantity.

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The quantity of dotations has to be equal to the number of winners. Kontest automatically selects 1 winner for each prize at the and of the contest.

Prizes detail

Copy a prize

There are two possible cases, depending if you use the periodic mode or not.

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Periodic mode turned off

Just enter the quantity of dotations. The values for quantity and prize title will appear in your contest like that: Quantity x Prize Title

Periodic mode turned on

Pprizes copy

– If you use the periodic mode and you don’t want to draw the winners after each period, you just have to enter the quantity of dotations as described in the first case.

– If you want to draw winners after each period:

Create and complete your dotation and click on “Copy”. You are asked to choose the period in which your want to offer the prize.

Illustrate your prizes

With the integrated Media Loader you can add a video or a photo to your dotation.