Once your promotion is ready you can start promoting using the URL provided which ends with “”.
This URL should be used within all your marketing actions (share on Facebook, blog posts, leaflets, etc.)

Install Contest

If you want to learn more about the multichannel permalink, have a look at the following article: “Facebook & Mobile”

Create an ad on Facebook

The permalink is perfect for Facebook ads or classic banners.

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You just have to copy the Kontest permalink “”, and paste it in the field provided on the Facebook Ads interface.

Facebook automatically generates the information of your promotion and proposes a basic version of you ad. You can customize the ad and choose your target audience. That’s it!

If you directly try to insert the Facebook link: “″, you will receive an error message stating it is not possible to create an ad for this promotion since you are not admin of it.
Indeed Kontest is the only admin of the Facebook application called “Promotion”.

Viralize your contest

Sharing functions are still a good way to increase your promotion efficiency.

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Once they have completed the form, the participants can:

  • Invite their friends on Facebook
  • Share the competition on their Facebook profile
  • Send a message on Twitter
  • Invite their friends by email and get one more chance to win for each invitation sent

So make sure to thoroughly complete the required fields in the “Form” step