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Managing your promotion with Kontest? Too easy!

Creation in a few steps

Kontest, how does it work?

Kontest is a cutting-edge platform to create and spread promotions on Facebook, web and mobile.

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This web service allows you to be independent and responsive: you can create a full campaign in a few minutes thanks to easy to use and powerful features. A promotion powered by Kontest is the best way to entertain your fanbase and to acquire new leads.

What type of contest can I create ?

Several types of contest are available today, you’ll find them on our Promotion App list page.

Where are my contests hosted?

All our campaigns are hosted in secured cloud environments. This allows an easy installation on all channels, a smooth and fast loading of media and an optimal server utilization.

What rates does Kontest offer?

Choose between 3 different rates, the one that best suits your needs. Have a look at our pricing page.

How do I pay the contest?

Kontest is a self-service platform: You can create as many promotions as you want. The payment is made after creating the contest to install it on your Facebook Page, website and on your mobile.

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Payment is mandatory when you finally want to launch your contest on your Facebook Fan Page, your website and your mobile. Then, your promotion will be unlocked and you are able to spread your contest, which begins according to the dates you chose.

Pricing concerns 1 contest all inclusive (except options).

With the Start offer you can create and spread a 7 day contest for free.