A simplified management of your applications thanks to the integration of Kontest to Hootsuite.

You must have a Hootsuite Pro or Enterprise account to synchronize your Kontest applications on your Hootsuite dashboard.

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On the Hootsuite dashboard, you will be able to:

  • See the entries in real time
  • Moderate photo and video contests
  • Track the performance of your campaigns


Add Kontestapp to your Hootsuite account

To begin, go on Hootsuite.com and log in to your Hootsuite Pro account or create a new one.

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Hootsuite site

Once you are on your dashboard, open the App Directory by selecting the right tab : onglet app directory

Look for Kontest application on the Premium App list and click on Install App.
app kontest

Congratulations! Your Kontest application is installed on Hootsuite.

Synchronize your Kontest’s campaigns on Hootsuite

On your Hootsuite dashboard, you have to add first a new Stream.
Then, in App choose Kontestapp.

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  • If you are not already logged to Kontest, log in through the app to see your campaigns.
  • If you are logged in Kontest, your campaigns will be automatically displayed.

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Track the entries and moderate

A simple click on your campaign give you the access to the entrants list. Click on an entrant to learn more :

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User informations:

  • name
  • age
  • gender
  • country
  • email
  • entry date
  • opt-ins
  • answers

For photo and video contests, you will also have access to the moderation feature on your Kontest board.

See and moderate in real time the entries : validate an entry by clicking on the checked box or cancel it by selecting the cross.

Entrants list is updated every 5 minutes.

See the statistics of your campaign

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statistiquesMesure the performance of your campaign by clicking directly on the statistics icon.


  • Number of visits
  • Fans acquisition
  • Number of entrants
  • Visits Vs entries
  • Conversion rate in real time
  • Average profile of the entrant: gender, age, country
  • Device and browser