How does the 2048 Puzzle work?

2048 Jeu casse tête Facebook2048 is a mathematics game based on 4×4 grid on which players have to move varying colors tiles (according to their value -power of 2) in order to reach 2048 : as soon as equal value tiles get in touch, they merge.

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How to set up 2048 game?

When you get to the “Setting” step, you just have to add hexa colors or choose a color thanks to the color picker for each element:

  • Font color of tiles: numbers background colors
  • Background color of empty tile: tile without numbers background colors
  • Background color of game area: grid background color
  • Background color of tile: tile background color for each value
  • Background color of ultime tile: background color of tiles which number is greater than 2048

Where can I spread my contest ?

Your Twitter promotion app is instantly available on any mobile devices, any Facebook Fan page or any website thanks to the last HTML5 web standards.



  • Recrut new fans & followers (particularly through to the emphasis of social networks through social opt-in, banner and footer).
  • Entertain the fans you already have and develop their engagement.
  • Viralize your operations through the sharing options via email (and give more chance to win) and via Facebook or Twitter.
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Is my contest compatible with my browser?

To know wether your contest is compatible with your browser, go through our informations about compatibility.

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