How does Battle work?

Concours Battle Facebook
Create a Battle to find out which of your products are preferred by your customers.

With the Battle promotion, entrants choose between two images and then complete the form to participate in the final sweepstakes. Winners will be automatically chosen by the platform.

Entrants choose their favorite!

How is a Battle different from a Poll?

Unlike Polls, with the Battle promotion, the answers are displayed as images only, with special animation when the entrant chooses an image.

How do I set up my Battle questions?

To build your Battle app, simply create a question during the “Questions” step (make sure the “single choice” setting is selected). For example, you can ask “Which drink do you prefer?” and propose pictures of two different drinks. Add an image for each possible answer (text will not be displayed).

Each question will correspond to a different contender in the Battle.

Can I use recurring mode?

Yes! If you have several prizes you want to offer during the contest, you can divide the promotion into different periods with a specific gift or question for each one. To learn more about this, read our article about recurring mode for contests.

Where can I share my contest?

Your sweepstakes is 100% compatible with any mobile device, any Facebook page, or any website, because we adhere to the latest HTML5 web standards.



  • Recruit new fans (particularly with Facebook Like-gating, requiring users to Like before they can play).
  • Entertain the fans you already have and increase their engagement.
  • Viralize your promotion through the sharing options via email (and offer more chances to win) as well as through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get a database of qualified leads you can retrieve at any time.

Don’t forget about copyright

Just a reminder that your are responsible for any content you publish or communicate through the Kontest platform. You agree to publish only content that you have the legal right to publish. For more information, please refer to our article about Copyright.