How does the Instant Win work?

The entrants fill in the participation form to find out if they have won or not. You can define the number of winners and also a period in which the winners are drawn automatically. In case nobody plays at this precise moment, the next entrant will be the winner of the price. With this type of contest, users can enter and try their luck every day.

The entrant finds out if he has won in a few seconds!

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You just have to set the gifts you want to offer and the Kontest platform creates automatically the “winning instants” (number of gifts).


Set Winning instant

For each type of prize, you can choose the way instant win are set :

  • Random : The platform automatically choose winning times while respecting the timeframe you selected on description step.
  • Custom : You choose winning times by yourself, regardless of the schedule you have chosen on description step.



Can I customize the message that announces the result?

You can customize the message that announces to the entrant if he has won or not as well as the “thanking message”.


The result message in the following example is “Sorry, you have lost…”. You can also add a second message like: “Thank you for participating, Laura”.

Instant Win Example Message

By default, entrants can test their luck every day with the same email address. You can choose to limit the victory for each entrant, so he can win only one gift during the contest duration.
It’s also possible to precise the time slot for winning (if you make your shop visitors play the contest for example!) so entrants can’t play during this time frame.
Create instant win in a shop

Where can I spread the Instant Win?

Your Instant Win is instantly available on any mobile device, any Facebook Fan Page or any website thanks to the latest HTML5 web standards.


Instant Win Benefits

  • Recrut new fans & followers (particularly through to the emphasis of social networks through social opt-in, banner and footer).
  • Entertain the fans you already have and develop their engagement.
  • Viralize your operations through the sharing options via email and via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Get a database of qualified contacts retrievable at any time.

Is my contest compatible with my browser?

To know wether your contest is compatible with your browser, go through our informations about compatibility.

Think about CopyRight

As a reminder, Kontest doesn’t exercise editorial control or review over the content or nature of any contest or of any website, e-mail transmission, newsgroup, or other material created or accessible over or through the contests.
By using Kontest, you release Krash Studio from any and all liability stemming from such cooperation with local, state, federal and relevant country law enforcement officials.