How does the Photo Contest work?

To participate, entrants are asked to add their photo to the contest gallery. According to your choice, they have three possibilities:

  • They can upload an image from their desktop files (PNG or JPG – 2Mo max)
  • They can take a picture with their webcam
  • They can choose between both options

Entrants can participate the contest only once. Double entries are refused with an error message.

On demand, you can also submit your own pictures to the public vote. Feel free to contact us!

Entrants can register their participation if the their device is updated (iOS 7/8, Android latest version). Other users can only vote.

Important ! The newest versions of operating systems (iOS8 and Android 4.4/5 ) have a feature for opening webpages via an app (webview) as Facebook or Twitter: it’s impossible to use the camera from those web versions, but it’s possible to upload a file. We advise you to show your entrants how to proceed.
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How are winners drawn?

Several choices are available:

  • The public choice: Ask the visitors to vote for the best picture. A visitor can vote only once for a photo, but for as many photos as he wants. If the contest will be installed on Facebook, the participant has to like the Fan Page and accept the application.
  • Jury decision: You select a jury that picks the best photo. Your contest gallery is still open for visitors, but they can not vote.
  • Both of them: Your fans vote for their favourite photos. The jury picks afterwards a winner out of the most popular pictures. The platform does not provide this case in particular, but your jury can make his decision at the end of the contest by choosing one of the most voted pictures.


Once the contest is finished you can click on “Winners and Entrants”.
A page appears which shows all the entries (from the most popular to the less popular). Click on the participant you want to choose as the winner of the contest. Open the winners tab and drag and drop the participant on the gift you want to offer to him.

How to moderate entries?

You can choose to accept or reject entries:

  • Accept the entries before they are displayed in the gallery
  • Verify the entries after they are posted in the gallery

Click on the “Moderation” button to accept or reject entries.
The entries are listed:

  • Online: If you choose to moderate entries after they are posted, reject or accept them in the “online tab”.
  • Waiting: If you prefer to check the entries before they are displayed in the gallery, just see them in this tab
  • Abused: Entries that are reported by participants are listed in the “abused tab”. You can find them in the gallery, but they are not any more online.
  • Censored: You can find all the entries you rejected in the tab “censored”.

The periodic mode is not is not available with this promotion type.

How do visitors vote ?

Visitor can vote vote every photo they like when they are on the contest galery, once per photo. To validate their vote, they have to accept “Promotion” application via Facebook . It’s also important to know that vote are not Facebook likes.

How to retrieve information about voters ?

On the database export part of your contest, you’ll find a button which allows you to get these information in a CSV file.You’ll have following information : First name, last name, email address, date of the vote and link to the facebook profile.
Be careful, since voters don’t fill a form with an opt-in, you’re not allowed to use these information for marketing campaign.

What are filters?

A filter is a picture which overlaps the photo of the participant. This could be for example your logo. The filter appears while taking a picture with the webcam.

You can add a filter to your contest in the photo step. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see all the filters offered by Kontest. But of course you can also create your own: click on “Add a filter button”. Be careful and respect these criteria:
800x600px – Max: 2 Mo – PNG transparent.

Test your selected filter in the window next to the filters list.


Where can I spread my contest?

Your Photo Contest is instantly available on any mobile device, any Facebook Fan Page or any website thanks to the latest HTML5 web standards. However, take into account:

  • Facebook blocks the application for the mobile version with the address provided from Facebook”. This is why you should always use our permalink (the one which ends with “”) which redirects the visitors automatically to the appropriate version of their device.
  • Users on mobile devices older than the versions Android3 and iOS6 are only able to consult and vote on the Photo gallery, but not to participate



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  • Entertain the fans you already have and develop their engagement.
  • Viralize your operations through the sharing options via email and via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Get a database of qualified contacts retrievable at any time.

Is my contest compatible with my browser?

To know wether your contest is compatible with your browser, go through our informations about compatibility.

Think about CopyRight

As a reminder, Kontest doesn’t exercise editorial control or review over the content or nature of any contest or of any website, e-mail transmission, newsgroup, or other material created or accessible over or through the contests.
By using Kontest, you release Krash Studio from any and all liability stemming from such cooperation with local, state, federal and relevant country law enforcement officials.