How does the Scratcher work ?

Entrants fill in the form entry and then discover if they win scratching the game pad.

Scratch and Win !

Find out if this app match your goals with the contest comparator !

How does the Scratcher Game work ?

You just have to set the gifts you want to offer into the “Prize” step and the Kontest platform will create winning game on its own. If you need to, you can get the list of winning game when you contest begins.

It’s also possible to precise the time slot for winning (if you make your shop visitors play the contest for example!) so entrants can’t win if they don’t play during this time frame.
scratcher game

Can I customize the message that announce the result?

You can customize the message that announces to the entrants if he won or not and the “thanks message”.


In the following exemple, we choose to write “Perdu…” as a result message.

What can i customized on the scratcher game ?

Thanks to the Live Preview, you’ll be able to customize the global view of your promotion. In the Settings step, you can also customize these elements :

  • Background (Winner), is the picture displayed when the entrants wins (480x250px)
  • Background (Loser) (480x250px)
  • Overlay, which the image entrants have to scratch on (480x250px)
  • Coin, the cursor appearence (50x50px)
  • Coin Size


Can I use the periodic mode ?

Scratcher app is not available with the periodic mode yet.

Where can I spread my contest ?

Your sweepstake is instantly available on any mobile devices, any Facebook Fan page or any website thanks to the last HTML5 web standards.



  • Recrut new fans & followers (particularly through to the emphasis of social networks through social opt-in, banner and footer).
  • Entertain the fans you already have and develop their engagement.
  • Viralize your operations through the sharing options via email (and give more chance to win) and via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Get a database of qualified contacts retrievable at any time.

Is my contest compatible with my browser?

To know wether your contest is compatible with your browser, go through our informations about compatibility.

Think about CopyRight

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